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We believe in the power of ambition

Entrepreneurs rely on us for advice, raising capital, creating an acquisition plan, selling their company and more. Whatever your challenge, our expertise in M&A and financial consultancy is founded on a passion for our work. Here's how we help you achieve your best.

M&A for Sell

The Last Dance

Unlock the full potential of your business exit strategy with Gum's premier Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services. We understand that selling your enterprise is a significant milestone. Our approach is centered around a tailored, strategic pathway that aligns perfectly with your aspirations. Our seasoned M&A professionals employ a comprehensive valuation process, sophisticated market analysis, and a targeted marketing campaign to connect you with a curated selection of premium buyers. We champion your interests through meticulous negotiation and due diligence, ensuring the integrity of your legacy and the prosperity of your future. With Gum group, step into a partnership that transforms the sale of your business into an opportunity for unparalleled growth and success. Embark on your next venture with the confidence that comes from having a world-class team dedicated to your M&A success."

M&A buy-side

New roads

"Embark on your acquisition journey with confidence as Gum Group guides you through the intricate maze of mergers and acquisitions. Our approach for buyers is meticulously crafted to identify and secure not just a business, but the right synergistic addition to your portfolio. We bring to the table a wealth of experience, deep industry insights, and a strategic process designed to uncover opportunities that align with your growth objectives. From due diligence to the final handshake, our dedicated team ensures a seamless integration of your new asset, facilitating a transaction that transcends mere acquisition to become a strategic, value-enhancing move. Partner with Gum Group for an acquisition experience that is as rewarding as the results it yields."

Corporate Governance

The Last Dance

In a business landscape that demands transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership, we offer a guiding hand to navigate these complex waters. Good corporate governance is no longer to be considered just an exercise in regulatory compliance, but an opportunity to support economic recovery and competitiveness in the long term through: increased value for shareholders, transparency in the management of a company as well as a containment tool of risk. Our approach is not just about compliance; it's about cultivating a governance culture that drives your company towards sustainable growth and trust among stakeholders.

With our expert advisors, your business will benefit from strong governance structures, risk management strategies and ethical frameworks in line with international standards and best practices. Choose Gum Grouo as your ally in corporate governance to not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of your shareholders, customers and the community at large. Improve your governance, power your business, and earn the trust that breeds lasting success.

Business Advisor

Elevate Your Business

"Gum Group support companies of all sizes and production sectors, guiding them through processes of change, performance improvement and creation of sustainable value in the long term. We offer excellence in skills, providing innovative approaches, advanced methodologies and customized solutions. Our model integrates functional, sectoral and specialist knowledge, guaranteeing complete support. We collaborate 'shoulder to shoulder' with companies, inspired by a true long-term partnership. Our results are tangible and measurable, because we believe in delivering concrete value. We focus on the main drivers of change: winning strategies, extraordinary finance, optimization of processes and organizational models, adoption of digital platforms and cutting-edge technological solutions, as well as integrated risk management.

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